Kathy Weinberg

Artist Statement
My paintings combine vignettes of daily life, patterns from textiles and ceramics, historic and vintage scenes, still life, and allegory. My work evokes a graphic novel, book of hours, journal, encyclopedia or storyboard, and incorporates the pictorial language where image intersects with design. I create open-ended narratives with singular or groups of images, resembling a scene on a stage, or a movie still. Details like a light switch on wallpaper create the reference point of scale; life-sized yet intimate. A sense of place, and time passing is suggested. A television set becomes a theater where the events of the world are combined with unrelated, contrasting thoughts, in images and symbols. Practical objects are paired with ornamental flourishes that are romantic, even humorous. The ordinary becomes mysterious. My palette, like a volume adjustment, adds to the sense of drama through color combinations that also enrich the composition.